S-Y MIF染色固定液

S-Y MIF Stain Solution

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000168
Package size:
  • MIF 470ml *2
  • Lugol Reagent 60m *2
Product category: Parasite examination, stool examination, MIF
  • For the staining and fixation of parasite, worm and protozoan specimens.
  • Product description:
    • The best and the most common method for worm and protozoan tests in feces.
    • When the Merthiolate Iodine Formaldehyde (MIF) is used to detect protozoans in feces, the trophozoites of the protozoan amoebae can also be fixed and detected. In addition, under red MIF staining background, the parasite ova can also be easily observed and detected.
    • The modified MIF stain solution is a unique formula developed exclusively by our company, which the specimens can be preserved permanently for Trichrome Stain after fixation.
    For more information, please email to: symic@seed.net.tw or kir.t72000@msa.hinet.net