S-Y 自黏護貝式識別帶

S-Y Laminal Tape Identification Band

blog-1 DOH License No.: Not subject to medical device regulations
Taiwan Patent No.: M267578
Japan Application No.: CN2852299Y
USA Patent No.: 11/206321
Package specification: Children: 1,000 bands/case|Adult: 500 bands/case
Product category: Patient identification, laminal tape identification band
  • Emergency room, general wards, blood bank, operating room
Product description:
  • Logo or special pattern overprint depending on the requirements of the hospital → Creative and unique.
  • Dual-sided slip and skin-friendly design → soft tape with excellent water-proof functions.
  • Complete adhesive tape → Automatic tear up may result in structural damages.
  • Concealed fastening design → Prevent the tail from covering patient names or ward numbers, barcodes, etc.
  • Multiple colors → For triage and ward classification.
  • Computer-printed tag and laminal barcode → Water- and alcohol-proof.
  • Easy to use, competitive prices.
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