S-Y 雙劃格顯微玻片系統(0.6)

S-Y Double Grids Microscopic Slide System (0.6)

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000268
Taiwan Patent No.: 138822
USA Patent No.: 6,974,692
PRC Patent No.: 630017
Package size: 1,000 sets/box
Product category: Quantitative urine sediment test, cell counting of CSF
Product description:
  • The S-Y double grids microscopic slide system provides a full set of supplies required for a standardized urine sediment test, including the SY quantitative centrifugal tube (0.6), the SY double grids counting (slide 10) and the 1ml plastic aspirators. The system is suitable for HPF and/or μ1 unit reports (required urine volume: 10ml or 12ml). The grids counting slide is also applicable for other body fluid microscopy. No urine sediment normal range modification is required while using the S-Y double grids microscopic slide system.
Product characteristics:
  • A unique, patented and quantitative urine sediment centrifugal tube for fast and accurate tests.
  • A unique and patented grids microscopic slide system with dual convention holes to expand volume instantly and improve horizontal focus.
  • A unique compressive cover slide to resolve the interference of hematuria or pyuria.
  • Can issue a report directly using the “μl” unit, no need to multiply by the “Factor”, and thus expedite the test speed.
  • Can issue HPF reports at a fixed location to avoid artificial errors.
  • Double grid is for Double Check functions.
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