S-Y 三色寄生蟲原蟲卵染色液

S-Y Trichrome Stain Solution

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000169
Package size:
  • Trichrome solution 250mL *1
  • 70% alcohol 250mL *1
  • Acid alcohol 250mL *1
  • Absolute alcohol 250mL *1
  • Xylene 250mL *1
  • Lugol's solution 60mL *1
  • PVA solution 5mL *1
  • Albumin 5mL *1
  • Permount 5mL *1
Product category: Parasite examination, Trichrome stain
  • To increase the feasibility and accuracy of protozoan identification for the clinical laboratory technologists, our company has developed a brand new Trichrome Stain Solution. The most important feature of the solution is its applicability on MIF Solution-stained specimens. The stain solution kit has been certified as a CAP-required permanent staining kit.
Product description:
  • Excellent protozoan staining effects.
  • Easy to use.
  • Applicable to MIF-stained specimens (the unique MIF stain solution developed exclusively by our company).
  • A full set staining kit
For more information, please email to: symic@seed.net.tw or kir.t72000@msa.hinet.net