S-Y 定量尿沈渣離心管(0.6)

S-Y Quantitative Centrifugal Tube (0.6)

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000268
Taiwan Patent No.: 127387
PRC Patent No.: ZL2008 2 0005434.0
Technical specification: Maximal volume: 12ml / Urine sediment volume: 0.6ml
Package size: 100 tubes/pack, 25 packs,/box
Product category: Urine examination
Product description:
  • Easy to use, expedite the test speed.
  • Special diagonal inner hole design to accurately perform urine sediment quantitative test.
  • Exclusive Adjust Area design; i.e. if the urine were not into the bottom of the tube, the volume of urine is adjustable to the upmost scale.
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