S-Y 多功能細胞計算盤(8格)

S-Y Multi-Functional U.F (Slide 8)

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000150
Taiwan Patent No.: 138822
Package size: 100 slides / case (800 times)
Product category: Urine sediment test, stool examination
Product description:
  • The first dual convection holes design, to evenly and fast distribute cells.
  • The first 22.5μl large area multi-functions design, suitable for stool examination microscopy as well as urine routine sediment analysis.
  • The first compressive cover slide to improve the accuracy and clarity of the objective field, convenient for cell counting.
  • Compatible with the quantitative centrifugal tube for standard urine tests.
  • Reduce the complexity and risks of contamination of conventional stool microscopy.
  • Expedite the precision, accuracy and speed of laboratory urine and stool microscopy.
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