S-Y 劉氏染色液套組

S-Y Liu's Stain Kit

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000270
Package size:
  • Liu’s A stain solution: 100ml *1
  • Liu’s B stain solution: 250ml *2
Product category: Blood test, Liu’s stain, bone marrow smear
  • Applicable to routine blood smear staining as well as bone marrow smear, malaria and blood parasite staining.
  • Product description:
    • The product is formulated based on the staining method developed by the previous Professor Chen-Hui Liu, National Taiwan University (J.F.M.A. Vol.52,No. 6,1953). The staining method not only is rapid and excellent, but is suitable for routine blood smear staining. Therefore, such method has gained excellent reputation among clinical laboratory units and has been modified as a staining kit to meet the business requirements.
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