S-Y 可攪拌式糞便檢查瓶

S-Y Feces Test Bottle (with stirrer)

blog-1 DOH License No.: Not subject to medical device regulations
Taiwan Patent No.: 224806
USA Patent No.: 4849173
PRC Patent No.: 112435
Package size: 100 pcs/pack, 10 packs/box
Product category: Stool examination, stool occult blood, gastrointestinal bleeding
Product description:
  • No stool digging by the clinical laboratory technologist is required, and odor-free when testing.
  • Easy to collect stool specimen by the subject himself/herself, no risks of nosocomial infections.
  • The positive stool occult blood test result of the same specimen can be confirmed using immunoassays.
  • Perform a semi-quantitative determination.
  • A closed, quantitative method, easy to use and convenient for result interpretation.
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