S-Y 糞便潛血試劑I&II

S-Y Feces Occult Blood Reagent I&II

blog-1 DOH License No.: 001926
Package size:
  • Reagent I 500ml *1
  • Reagent II 500ml *1
Product category: Stool examination, feces occult blood test, blood test for gastrointestinal tract
Product description:
  • The feces occult blood reagent I & II are usually used along with the S-Y feces test bottle, which is a closed and odor-free feces routine examination apparatus (with stirrer). The test is based on the interpretation of the discoloration of the feces solution after the addition of the reagents, which allows the detection of occult blood in stool specimens.
  • The presence of blood hemoglobin (Hb) may convert H2 and O2 into H2O and O2; at the same time, the O2 may oxidize the indicator (O-Tolidine) and generate a green-colored solution.
  • The QC Solution made of the SY Feces Occult Blood Control Solution is blue, but the QC Solution made of human blood is turquoise blue.
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