S-Y 糞便濃縮集卵瓶

S-Y Feces Examination Apparatus For Parasite Ova Only (CFEA-P)

blog-1 DOH License No.: Not subject to medical device regulations
Taiwan Patent No.: 39767
USA Patent No.: 4849173
PRC Patent No.: 1146871
Package size: 800 pcs/box
Product category: Parasite detection.
  • CFEA-P is a low-price, easy-to-use feces examination apparatus exclusively for parasite ova, larvae and protozoan trophozoite tests.
Product description:
  • Rapid CFEA-P.
  • Rapid CFEA-P Bass’s method: suitable for hookworm ova.
  • CFEA-P Antiformin-Ether method: Suitable for accurate ova examination.
  • MIF stain for parasite ova and protozoa amoeba: Suitable for simultaneous examination of parasite ova and protozoa amoeba, is a health examination recommended by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (former Department of Health) for foreign workers.
  • CFEA-P conventional Formalin-Ether (F-E) method.
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