S-Y 蟯蟲檢查膠紙(2日用)

S-Y Enterobius Vermicularis Tape (2days)

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000135
Package size: 40 pcs/stack, 25 stacks/case
Product category: Enterobius Vermicularis tape
Product description:
  • More effective in trapping Enterobius Vermicularis ─ Not an electrostatic treatment tape.
  • Save interpretation time and range due to folded design.
  • A special tape to improve observation clarity and reduce residues, and thus is a better tool than the conventional electrostatic tape.
  • Place different color cellophane at the light source of the microscope can create different light color ─ Green and blue cellophane are used most commonly.
For more information, please email to: symic@seed.net.tw or kir.t72000@msa.hinet.net