S-Y 雙劃格細胞計算盤(10格)

S-Y Double Grides Counting (Slide 10)

blog-1 DOH License No.: 000268
Taiwan Patent No.: 224808
USA Patent No.: 6,974,692
PRC Patent No.: ZL2008 2 0005436.X
Package size: 100 slides / case (1,000 times)
Product category: Urine sediment test, sperm counting, cell counting of CSF and thoracic fluid or ascites.
Product description:
  • Expand instantly to save time.
  • Sufficient for horizontal focusing.
  • Great transparency and resolution to generate clear image.
  • Innovative grids design for fast screening.
  • Double grids for multiple purposes.
  • For Double Check.
  • Can issue a report directly using the “μl” unit.
For more information, please email to: symic@seed.net.tw or kir.t72000@msa.hinet.net